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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 30, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> students at this elementary school are well versed in flu prevention. >> if we cough or sneeze in our arm, we must wash our hands after we come out of the bathroom. >> and 8 prater died yesterday after a bout with a swine flu -- and a greateeighth grader died y after a bout with a swine flu. >> the whole family was checked the school was checked. we do not know where it came from. >> he is keeping his other daughters at fiscal -- at the school. >> she was a kid in she died. i am scared. >> some say they are going to great lengths to stay healthy.
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>> but there is not much you can do but keep your kids, they are sick and make sure you teach them to wash their hands. >> health officials are urging parents to vaccinate kids once the swine flu shot becomes available. >> for children 10 and above it will be one vexing. for those 9 and younger it will be two shots. >> those here are doing whatever they can to avoid the virus. children and pregnant women will take priority when the shot becomes available in october. reporting live, wbal-tv. >> for those in the medical community, a special state map that will show you the best defense against the swine flu virus. it will tell you flu should wrewhere the special mask. w ear -- wear the mask.
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>> baltimore mayor sheila dixon faces two possible trials. it came today after the court hearing. a development could delay the conclusion of her legal battle. >> a november 9 trial date still stands in the case against sheila dixon. the case set to go full forward is smaller. she allegedly stole get cards intended for needy families. >> we have indicted two different cases. it is up to the defense to make the decision as to whether they should be tried together or separately. they decided to try them to -- try them separately. >> the decision was made in the judge's chamber not the courtroom. no one juror will have to judge the mayor.
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she is accused of perjury for failing to disclose the gifts. she receives cash from her former boyfriend who is a developer. the perjury charges were argued to be tossed. there is a far reaching doctrine of legislative immunity. they argue that prosecutors violated it when they used it in itin another case. >> it should meet with constituents and individuals who are discussing present, pending, and proposed legislation. >> prosecutors say legislative immunity was never intended to go that far. >> the lawyers declined to answer a continuing mystery in the case. thousands of dollars in deposits that went into her bank account
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in 2004. an investigator says it was unexplained cash and the lawyers left it that way today. >> if it ever comes up in the case, we are going to address it. >> prosecutors went back to a different grand jury in got a new indictment using different evidence. wbal tv 11 news. >> there is a warning tonight for drivers less than one hour from now. you will not be able to send text messages without breaking the law. anyone caught all driving could face a fine of a father dollars. they can read text messages -- a fine of $500. they can read text messages sent to them. they want drivers to keep their eyes on the road. >> we see them not paying attention, distracted driving. it is really important because we want to get the word out.
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her. lilliana exec 71 out on the street. -- we want to get the message out on the street. >> and body was discovered on the property of a home in the 9000 block of liberty road. the cause of death will be determined by the medical examiner. >> and man and woman threatened with eviction have been charged with killing their landlord. they are charged with the murder of a 74 year-old man. his body was discovered friday night inside of this home. investigators say he was in bed with a pillow take over his head. suspects were duped in eviction court the same day his body was found. howard county police arrested two teenage brothers who almost killed a cab driver after beating him.
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our reporter is live at the howard county police headquarters. he has the rest of the story for us. >> the 16 year-old brother and his other brother will be tried as adults in this case. the victim was able to give police a good enough description which led to the arrests. >> this is something that is concerning because of the level of violence and the age of the suspects. howard county police arrest -- >> howard county police react to the rest of the teenage brothers that treat a cabdriver. -- that beat a cab driver. they told the driver to take them here to the 9100 block of bourbon street in laurel. instead of paying the driver, they attacked him. >> one of the brothers started to choke the victim and the other started to punch him. they kicked him, pulled them out
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of the park, and -- car and brought him of money that he had. >> detectives were able to use information the driver gave them to gather enough evidence to charge the brothers two weeks later. >> while he was seriously injured, we were able to get information from the victims themselves. it was very useful. people are familiar with them that live in that community. >> police said both brothers were arrested tuesday without incident and are facing some very serious charges that could land them in jail for a very long time. >> both teenagers face attended murder, robbery, and other charges. both are being held on $500,000 bond. wbal-tv.
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>> the attorneys for the 70 year-old twins accused of setting fire to a pit bull, -- 17 year-old twins accused of setting fire to a pit bull will have to go to court. one of the attorneys said the prosecutor did not give proper notice and needed more time to prepare a defense. the lawyers want to keep the case in juvenile court. the hearing is set for october 14. >> state officials have placed weight restrictions on the bridge. there is deterioration that requires immediate attention. vehicles with 6,000 pounds or more will not be able to use the bridge. most small unloaded pickup trucks with that amount. the bridges 18 years old. the tours have been set up. they do not know how long -- the doordetours have been set up.
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they do not know how long it will take to fix the bridge. a reporter has more on a different story. >> troubled bridges over water. pillars that all of the i-95 memorial bridge and the rte. 40 bridge over the river are deteriorating. first reported by the baltimore sun, the repairs on the fast track. the question is, are they safe? >> they are safe. >> he says the problem areas are under water. the bridge opened in 1940 and 11 million vehicles have trouble over it over the years. another bridge opened in 1963. it said 29 million vehicles each year. >> there is some deterioration
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since terms of the concrete of the bridges and the base of the bridges themself. >> the i-team looked over three years of bridge inspection reports. there has been a challenge to keep up with women tear caused by mother nature and mankind. -- wear and tear caused by mother nature and mankind. inspections are now being done more aggressively than even just a year ago. the agency follows recommendations from a peer review panel which include surveys that scour critical bridges, and a plan of action rather than just monitoring. the combined costs of fixing these bridges exceeds $50 million. $3.5 billion is needed in the necessary maintenance. >> board directors will take a look at the level of polls tols
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-- tolls and the policies associated with them. >> general motors says it is shutting done -- down its saturn branch. >> experts prepare for a possible swine flu outbreak. there will be new tools to combat the violence. >> a day after an earthquake and tsunami rad -- rattled samoa. >> say of chilly it will be a round baltimore area to start the new month. -- see how chilly it will be
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>> the death toll continues to climb from the tsunami on tuesday. officials say 190 people were killed by the quake in the
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tsunami that followed. -- 119 people were killed by the quickened the tsunami that followed. 8.0 birth quake caused waves up to 20 feet high. -- earthquake caused waves up to 20 feet high. an earthquake strike indonesia today. occurred in the same area where there was a previous earthquakes that killed over to a hundred thousand people. >> general motors is shutting down its saturn division. they will close saturn altogether. current saturn owners will have to find other gm dealers to service their vehicle.
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>> we were devastated to hear it. we thought that another company was buying the saturn line. >> tonight we spoke with the general manager from mile one saturn in our area. he said that we have not heard anything official from general motors and are not prepared to make any further comment at this time. -- comments at this time. >> health-care workers are preparing for a possible swine flu outbreak. while officials including those at the centers for disease control are recommending a new line of defense for medical providers, masks. when a company in salt lake city is working around the clock to produce these. according to a report, these filter out most respiratory particles making them more
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effective than a regular surgical mask. >> these respirator's can reduce infections in health-care workers by as much as 60%. >> children with high risk conditions should vaccinate against pneumonia along with the swine flu. in increased number of swine flu cases, medical experts say there are simple steps we all can take to help prevent the flu. we know, washing your hands often and covering our sneezes and coughs, and to stay at home if you are sick. there are flea prevention kids that consist of finance sanitizers, -- hand sanitizers, tissue, kleenex, whit as wellips
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well as pain relievers. >> it was the oprah and michele show. they talk show queen took the microphone to introduce first lady michelle obama at copenhagen. they are trying to get the 2016 olympic games in chicago. >> every city bidding wishes that they had oprah on their team. we have her. we are grateful for her. >> i love this city. this city gave birth and life to me. my greatest successes came from this city because of its diversity. >> the first lady and oprah " lobbyin will continue their lobr the city.
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>> it will be a chilly start to the month of october tomorrow. the low for the day on our almanac for today is the current temperature at the airport, 51 degrees. a couple of sprinkles moved through as a surgical air swept through. 73 and 61 are the normal temperatures. these guys have cleared out. the last of these rebels have moved off to the mid atlantic coast. some fall chilly air. it is down to 48 in frederick. temperatures around the bay are milder. chilly temperatures on tap. light winds and the clear sky could show some frost in the baltimore area.
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sunrise is at 7:03. a high-pressure back in the northern lakes. a front is moving off of the mid-atlantic area. tomorrow will be a cooler than normal first day of october. it will be sunny. the clouds will move in tomorrow night. the moisture increases by the evening on friday. a chance of scattered showers tomorrow. the first at a saturday, there is a chance of wet weather. sunshine tomorrow at 64-69. on the bay, went up to 12 knots. waves up to 1 foot. temperatures are likely to be milder. western maryland, 56 is the high. it may be warmer tomorrow.
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sunshine at about 69. midwest upper 60 tomorrow. it will be a pleasant afternoon. in front approaching friday which brees the possibility of a shower. saturday, a shower especially in the morning. we will see some clearing later on in the day on saturday. sunday will appear to be the best day of the weekend. temperatures station the seven's for most of next week. >> -- 70's for most of next week. >> this maryland singer and songwriter returns to his roots for a special homecoming performance.
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and >> in maryland the sender put himself on the map. and tonight he has a special homecoming. ♪ he took the stage for a homecoming celebration with family and friends on hand. he made it all the way to the finals of the nbc hit series. he returns to the states to
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pursue his dream from being abroad. >> take a look at the ravens defense from the
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>> how the ravens have to overcome a challenge. they want to stop tom brady. the ravens have the no. 1
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defense in the nfl this year. the patriots will put the bulk of their game plan on the throwing arm of the brady. the key is to not have the day that phillips had a few weeks ago. brady has completed fewer than half of his passes in the two previous games against the ravens. they have plenty to worry about this week. tom brady knows he does as well. >> it can really disrupt the offense because each of the guys has their unique qualities. one player covers so much in the passing game. ray lewis is so instinctive. he has an incredible play. it could be in a guy at any time. >> a linebacker and special
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teams player has emerged as a force on defense. no. 51 pick up the defensive player of the week award. four tackles, issac, an interception. -- a sack, and an interception. he will fit into what ever the ravens need him to do. >> my teammates and my coaches to all of the hard work. i go in there and do what i am told to do and play football. >> he can physically do anything he wants to do. my job is to direct him in the right way. from there, he is one heck of a football player. >> the september swoon resembles
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a nose dive with a 13 straight loss in tampa for the orioles. 83 run home run -- a 3-run home run for the ray. if the orioles did not win at least three games it a be one of the luosing seasons for them in the decades. >> i am looking forward to playing at the baltimore country club. i really enjoyed playing here a few years ago. the greens are the issue on this golf course.
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you have to put the ball on the proper side of the whole on a lot of these greens. if you do not comedy will struggle on the greens with the putter. >> the proper side of the whole would be the bottom of the whole. -- hole would be the bottom of the hole. >> we will be back.
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>> let's check the forecast with tom. >> for divorce in the morning warming to 67 in the afternoon. -- for a force in the mornin 44o 67 in the afternoon and. a slight chance of showers.
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>> we have an encore broadcast of this news broadcast tonight at midnight. conan o'brien is next. we will see you tomorrow. >> good night. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ]


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